Coffee Subscription - Germany


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What can I expect from my Father Carpenter coffee subscription?

Each month we select the two coffees that have been performing the best in F.C bars based on QC and feedback and send them to our subscribers. 

Subscriptions are charged on the 1st of the month, and ship on the 1st Friday of every month to all subscribers in France.

These coffees can be straight from our offering, a Masterpiece or a Subscription exclusive. The selection is purely from the F.C bars feedback over the month. 

The cost of shipping the coffee to you is covered by the price. What you see on this page is the total. 

The order of things:

  1. Sign up for the subscription.  
  2. Once paid, it will be roasted and shipped on the coming Friday.
  3. You wait whilst we roast, pack and ship out your beans..
  4. Once received, scan the side of the bags for the most recent brewing parameters.
  5. Rinse and (we) repeat. Depending on the frequency you choose everythings automated so you dont need to worry about anything. 

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