Brew Guides

Brewing Pour Over

Our recommended starting recipe is the one below.
Note; it is a starting point, not a rule.

Ratio: 1:17
Ground Coffee: 20g
Brew Water: 340g
Temp: Straight off the boil
Total Time: 2:45


  • Discipline your coffee with 80-100g of boiling water. Be aggressive, it won't mind.
  • At the 1 minute mark pour in another 100g of water, but a little slower, a little gentler. Pour in 50c size circles, avoiding the edges.
  • This will drain and the coffee bed will remind you of the sand after a wave has left your feet moments ago - It's a definite moment you know the water has left you. It almost feels like abandonment. Now is time for more water.
  • The pouring slows down a lot now. Slowly pour in 50g, in your little 50c circles. Be gentle. This takes you to 250g and the time should be around the 1:50-2:00 mark.
  • Ocean abandonment again. The heartbreak. Pour your next 50g.
  • We're around 2:30 now, and your heart can't take it any longer. You say goodbye to your last 30g of water.

    So much heart wrenching so early in the day can only make one stronger, more resilient.

    Enjoy your coffee.

Brewing Espresso Coffee

Start with basket size. Use 1-2g less than the basket size. For example; we have 20g VST baskets and use between 18g & 19g of ground coffee.

Next, choose your desired strength/viscosity. We like clean and transparent in flavour espressos over thick and viscous, as they tend to be sweeter and provide more pleasure to us. We therefore recommend starting with a ratio of 1:2.5, or in other words; 18g of coffee to 45g espresso. 

Time is a variable that for too long has had an overfocused & isolated importance. If your machine has 9 bars of pressure shots run a lot differently to if your machine operates with 6 bars of pressure. With that in mind, hold the concept of time being important loosely in your mind, as it often isnt nearly as important as one thinks..

Summed Up:
Ground coffee: 18g
Espresso: 45g
Ratio: 1:2.25
Success Is: Sweet, bright and transparent flavour.