Choose a Brew Method

Pour Over

Dry Dose: 19g
Yield: 300g
Approx. Time:. 3:00 minutes

Adjust your grind setting to reach target. The optimal time depends on the coffee and water you're using. Taste, amend if needed and taste again.

Water temp: Straight off boil - 95+*C

0:00-0:10: Pour 80g of water within 10 seconds. Stir so everything is wet.
0:45-1:00: Pour 3 circles and then aim the water stream into the center. Pour until you have 200g.
1:30-1:45: Repeat technique up until 300g.


Espresso Brewing

The finicky nature of brewing coffee under pressure calls for a second disclaimer. Espresso brewing is very location and machine centric.

Dialling in Father Carpenter coffee at our Münzstr shop.

Baskets: VST 20g
Dry Dose: 19.5g
Yeild: 50g
Time: If ground on EK43 - 24 seconds. If ground on espresso grinder - 28+ seconds.

We firstly ensure the dry coffee bed is even, flat and tamped with a delicate touch.

Portafilter in, button pressed, wait for no longer than 10 seconds, but no fewer than 4 seconds to see the coffee hitting your cup. Too long and it will be salty. Too fast and it'll be both sour and bitter, but not sweet.


Dry Dose: 17g
Yeild: 230g
Approx. Time: 2:15

Pour 50g of boiling water in to your inverted Aeropress.
Stir in 17g of coffee and start a timer.
At 20 seconds; Pour in the rest of the water.

Your final weight should be 240g.
Stir with intent.

Wait until 1:45, and once again stir with some vigor.

Put the basket with filter on, close it.
Flip the aeropress on the server or cup and push until you will hear the air coming out.


Cupping Protocol

Dry Dose: 11g
Water Volume: 180g
Time to Crack: 4 minutes

Protocol: At the 4 minute mark give her three passionate stirs followed by a few minutes to rest and gather itself.

Using two thin spons gather the crust from the top. Do it slowly and properly. Gather everything unwanted from the top.

Take a TDS sample at 12 minutes to check solubility.

Begin cupping coffees around the 15 minute mark.