Paulo de Paula, Brazil - Espresso


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Paulo de Paula espresso roast can take you to places that Brazilian coffee usually cannot.

It's been given a gift, an ability to transport. A solid foundation like most Brazilian coffees, the Red & Yellow Catuai has soft, melted chocolate to start you off. A hint of citrus tricks you into thinking it's of altitude, but no, another gift. 

Flavour notes: Chocolate, Caramel & Citrus
Roasted For: Espresso & Cafetière
Producer: Paulo de Paula
Located: Espirito Santo
Varietal: Red & Yellow Catuai
Harvest: June - August
Processing: Fully Washed



250g €/kg: 59.6 €
1kg €/kg: 42.9 €
All coffees come as whole beans.
All prices include mwst.

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