Masterpiece: Hugo Mariño, Washed Geisha, Peru


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Hugo Mariño's Fully Washed Geisha Variety is a work of art in farming. 

Brewing this coffee is mesmerising as the coffee bed accepts water and inflates like a fragrant pillow. Immediately the room smells like ripe strawberries, lemon rind and honeysuckle. We recommend drinking this coffee in bed to acentuate the level of hedonistic pleasure received. 

Flavour notes: Honeysuckle, Cherry, Lemon
Roasted For: Filter brewing
Producer: Hugo Marino
Farm Name: Finca El Mirador
Located: Amaybamba Sector, Incahuasi, Cucso Region
Varietal: Geisha
Processing: Fully Washed

Our dear friend Justin Miles has sought out tastier coffee for the better part of two decades. He is currently deep in the process of establishing connections throughout Peru, one of which is with this producer - Hugo Marino, from the Amaybamba district in Cusco. 

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