Roast dates & the ideal window of freshness

The ideal window of time that best represents our coffee - our sourcing, roasting, the strict quality control and the choice to add it to our menu. 

It is the point in time that the beans have degassed enough to not contribute too much Co2 flavour, which in very small amounts adds a positive attribute, but too much and it stifles and mutes the flavour profile. 

For our filter coffees we recommend a resting period of at least 7 days, which means the Roasted On date on the front of our bags marks the count. For any coffee beans that have been roasted for espresso brewing, we recommend a much longer resting time as fully degassed coffee definitely tastes best through a pressurised machine, and that ideal time is 3 weeks+ for espresso.

It is important to note that this is when we recommend you begin to consume the coffee. If you start later, totally fine! If you start earlier, be prepared for what all overly fresh coffees taste like - Co2.