Githembe AA, Kenya - Filter


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Githembe AA is a coffee that has an impressive personality.

You think it's reserved and thoughtful, and you are right, but it's charachter both impresses and surprises you with it's complexity and depth of knowledge. Releasing a barage of clear and distinct flavours that reminds us of the time we'd pick the years first berries, full of young acidity and life. 

You remember Githembe AA long after you've sipped. 

Flavour notes: Blackberry, Plum & Lime
Roasted For: Filter brewing
Producer: Githembe Factory
Located: Kiambu County, Kenya
Coperative: Thirika Farmers Society
Varietal: SL28, SL34
Processing: Fully Washed



250g €/kg: 75.6 €
1kg €/kg: 58.9 €
All coffees come as whole beans.
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