Work with us

Our purpose is to: elevate hospitality and gastronomy in Berlin by providing a positive, authentic and memorable experience to all guests, and to inspire others to follow suit.

Father Carpenter has its core values (which in real world terms is actually more like ‘behaviours’) that drive all decision making and are essential for our daily service, and they are:

  1. Provide an authentic and memorable positive experience to all guests.

  2. Be consistent. Understand the rules of the game we’re playing.

  3. Apathy is our enemy.

  4. Continuously strive to elevate the hospitality industry.

  5. Treat people and the business with respect and dignity.

Our brand promise is: We change our coffee menu and food menu regularly, but our approach to service and hospitality is solid as a rock.

  • Specialty coffee

  • Quality focused, comfort foods with a twist

  • Speed, quality and authenticity of service

  • Table service and hospitality

  • A positive memorable experience

  • Aesthetically pleasing - positive visual cues