Shipping Information

Can I request a roast date for my coffee?

All coffees are roasted within 7 days of shipment. We cannot take specific or custom requests for roasting dates, but rest assured we'll send you the freshest coffee possible. 

Is there tracking for my delivery? 


Yes, always, but if you live in a country that requires our logistics partner DPD to hand over to your countries delivery services we do not have access to further information beyond DPD. 

Father Carpenter doesn't take responsibility for damaged or lost goods due to delivery issues, and unfortunately we cannot offer refunds due to the shipping errors.

Additionally, if you are in a country where tracking doesn't apply, you must reach out to the delivery company for support.

My package was returned to sender. Can I have a replacement delivery?

If your order comes back to us because of a error on our behalf we will send it out again free of charge.
However, Father Carpenter does not take responsibility for any of the following reasons for deliveries being returned:

  1. Incorrectly submitted shipping details from the buyer / if you placed the wrong address on the order
  2. Recipient not home / name wasn't visible on the door/doorbell
  3. Parcel was not picked up from a collection spot within the allocated period 

Upon receiving returns we will provide a refund for the order excl. delivery cost OR reship your order if the error was ours. 


Can I send my order to a Packstation or PO Box? 

No, as it leads too often to returned parcels.