We are hiring two Baristas.

Father Carpenter is searching for experienced baristas who are armed with coffee knowledge, a passion for coffee, its production, and all tied together nicely with a sound understanding that we are a service business, not a coffee nerd business, and it is very much a team sport.

An FC Barista is accountable for the daily operations of the FC bars, and aids in further developing our quality standards and service in conjunction with the FoH Manager.

Other responsibilities include;

  • Maintaining the outlet's machinery through preventative maintenance
  • Product creation, product quality and cleanliness
  • Handling customer complaints concerning quality and service of drinks
  • Managing daily supplies
  • Resolving any inconsistencies in operations or orders.

Our bar service is one that is based around a strict system of method, so an understanding and appreciation for systematic operations and order is essential. A chaotic personality or one that has a chimp on their shoulder about heirachical management will not thrive in an F.C. bar.

If you fit the bill, then please apply using the link provided below. It is the standardised hiring form that we use, so please be thoughtful and thorough when filling it out. 

Full benefits, competitive hourly pay and a month paid holiday

 If you do not have a valid German visa or European citizenship, Anmeldung and Steuer Identifikationsnummer please do not apply until these three requisites are completed and you can prove it. 

Apply HERE