Hospo Jobs Berlin

It has been a hot minute since we added a new blog post to the site! We have just started a side project that should be beneficial for all of Berlin if it is adopted - Hospo Jobs Berlin. 

The idea is that there is always open positions throughout Berlin's hospitality sector that need filling by capable, and passionate hospitality professionals (or people that want to be), and there has never been a centralized place for transparent job offerings and honest applications. Now there is, or at least can be. 

The goal for both sides is to ultimately find 'the right person for the job', so this means that the job needs to be clearly explained, needs to provide value so it generates enough revenue to justify its existence, and needs to have some future in it as everyone wants self actualisation within the workplace and if not, then I'd go as far as to say that this person cannot be the right person for the job if they do not want to grow in the role. 

Now to determine what 'the right person' we need to understand completely what success looks like for the available position. What does success look like? Once that has been defined interviews can take place with the aim of finding a person that can execute on the tasks that will ultimately lead to the success within this role. The person explain what success is for them, and it just so happens to be what success looks like in this role?! We have a winner! 

There will be regular blog posts for both job seekers and employers covering a great range of topics that should bring that gap closer of 'the right person for the job'. We'll cover topics like; what is a restauranteuer expecting from you in an interview? How to create a relevant Resume. Where to go and what to do to get the foundational knowledge to gain entry into hospo. 

It is a long shot but we hope that this platform provides value to its stakeholders, ultimately everyone in the hospitality sector of Berlin. 

Check out the site HERE