Mi'essa, Ethiopia - Espresso


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Florality & ripeness are two words that come to mind immediately.

Ethiopian coffee is a vessel for ancient flavour and it is hard to fathom just how this natural processed Ethiopian Landrace varieties lot, processed by the infamous Ture Waji, came to be so intense and magnificent. 

A light fermentation, due in all likelihood to regular raking, and sufficient airflow, gives this coffee a slight milky texture. Intensely floral and sweet this espresso roast makes for a memorable morning cappuccino. 

Flavour notes: Floral, Milk Chocolate, Silky
Roasted For: Espresso
Producer: Mi'eessa Robe, dried by Ture Waji
Located: Sukke Qutto Kebele, Shaakiso Woreda, Guji
Varietal: Ethiopian Landrace
Processing: Natural Process
Harvest: January 2023

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