The Backroom Talks x CoLab Berlin

Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers will be hosting a variety of talks and discussions aimed at the promotion of sharing knowledge, ideas, ideals, developments, worries and concerns within speciality coffee.
We want to encourage the industry to learn from each other: professionally as well as personally.

Come along and contribute or just lean back and enjoy.


Running order and talk descriptions for ‘The Backroom Talks’ at Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers

12:00-13:00 Fjord Coffee Cupping (w. talk on drum speeds and their effect on development)
13:00 Philipp Reichel
13:30 Peter Duran
14:00 Hannes Fendrich (w. cupping)
14:30 Discussion/Q&A
15:00 Susie Kealy
15:30 Kresten Thogersen
16:00 Maren Ernst
16:30 Final Discussion/Q&A
17:00 End

Philipp Reichel - Owner of Markthalle 9’s coffee mecca and roaster at ‘Kaffee 9’, is going to talk about networks in Berlin and Germany. He wants to review structures to promote a healthier and more sustainable coffee economy, especially focussing on green coffee taxes.

Peter Duran - Owner of Isla Café, probably the only island of peace and pleasure on Neukölln’s busiest street Hermannstraße, will give us an insight on comprehensive sustainability in the coffee industry from the perspective of a café owner. He will discuss questions like What kind of food offer we and how we source it, how products are packaged and delivered and what prospects we offer our staff.

Hannes Fendrich - Winner of 2013’s and 2015’s German Brewers Cup and roaster at Coffee Circle, will enlighten us with a talk about light roasting on an industry size roast machine. He’ll give us an insight on the structure, organisation and procedures of a semi-industrial roastery. Of course he’s also going to let us taste his produce of the latest harvest from Yirgacheffe.

Susie Kealy - Former 3FE legend and nowadays The Barn hero Susie, will tell us about how the industry becomes interested in different sections of the process and journey of coffee and how she looked into all that, as she just competed in the Irish Barista Championships - Learning by understanding the journey.

Kresten Thogersen - Owner of Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers and Fjord Coffee Roasters, who came a long way from Melbourne via London to Berlin years back, is going to shed some light on the importance of systems - in the workspace and mind. He will target questions like ‘What is a system? Why, when and how is it created?’ and evaluate other topics, such as motivation, social capital, ego depletion and productivity.

Maren Ernst - Founder and head roaster of Ernst Kaffeeröster in Cologne, business expert and heavy coffee bags carrying superwoman, will under the slogan „what is my cake - what is my market“ talk about the challenges of a fast changing specialty coffee world by looking at market segmentation, customer clusters and their needs and barriers.