'The Backroom Talks' Aftermath

Last week, Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers hosted ‘The Backroom Talks’ for the first time.

We did that as a fringe event for CoLab:Berlin.

CoLab: is a seminar series of the Barista Guild of Europe, which combines a full day of compelling educational content with 2 days on either side to discover the host city’s coffee community and culture.

The Barista Guild of Europe is an association of the Speciality Coffee Association(SCA) Its primary goal is to foster community and professionalism among people whose income derives from making cups of speciality-grade coffee. That includes spreading coffee education, providing career support and focusing on sustainability.

During CoLab:Berlin, a lot of speciality cafés got involved. Cuppings, food pairing and first aid machine repair workshops, to name just a few events that were open to the public.

So was ‘The Backroom Talks’ at Father Carpenter. Over the course of 5 hours, 6 speakers cupped, informed, criticised and exchanged - with an audience of approx. 60 people. We were stoked to see not only coffee professionals and industry related friends, but also a bunch of new faces and customers of Berlin’s speciality coffee scene.

Our aim in hosting this sort of event was, to create a platform to share knowledge and blatantly speak about ideas and ideals, but also open up about worries and concerns that affect our industry and the people in it.

I feel, we, all together, planted seeds that day, but a seed needs water and nurturing. A day of presentations and talks means nothing if it isn’t acted upon, isn’t developed, isn’t nurtured. This is just the beginning of a journey, we want to go with you. So, yer. We decided to continue hosting this kind of event!

We are going to change the structure of the upcoming events a notch. We learned about the importance of Q/As right after a talk, we’re also going to adjust the time frames and we want to have ‘The Backroom Talks’ as accessible to as any possible, so we will be focusing on Friday afternoons. We also like beers and we figured Fridays are a good day to have beers.


Nevertheless, we are more than happy to receive feedback from everyone who attended ‘The Backroom Talks’. This is not a one-man-show, we want to set this stage, together with you, for all of us.